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Perform interior design To complete business development of hotel, office, shops, and residential buildings to serve the customer’s needs.

Bell Interior
We Establish Since 2017

Bell interior Co., Ltd. was established to perform interior design under the umbrella of Sangtana Aluminum Co., Ltd. To complete business development of hotel, office, shops, and residential buildings to serve the customer’s needs.

Our Story

Sangtana Aluminum Co., Ltd. Specializing in the installation of glass, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. The company was established on 12th July 2000. With our continued stability the next leap forward by our board of directors was to create Bell Interior Co., Ltd. to be to handle the increase in demand of our customers.

Our Mission

Bell Interior Co., Ltd. was born on June 27, 2017. In response to this idea, Management Team The focus is on the needs of the customer, especially the team. We provide quality services to complete the task according to the date and time of delivery to customers. At present, Bell Interior Co., Ltd. will have continued to develop in order to move forward with quality and stability.

Our Machine

In order to provide a full range of services, We have specialized expert team. And We have invested in many machinery


CNC punching and forming machine

Wood Cutting, drill wood according to size And various styles according to the design Which will cut into the shape of the Thai pattern, cut concave, convex, as needed Answer every design for woodwork With computer systems and software designed for specialized work



This cutting machine is convenient, fast and precise. The machine will control cutting by computer. In addition, the wood cutting will not have dust, sawdust and dust spread. Because the sawdust is automatically sucked into the storage bag Therefore not harmful to employees in the factory


Double-sided adhesive machine

Double-sided adhesive machine Is an automatic glue machine that laminates Which can be done quickly and accurately Before forwarding to the PRESS machine or extending the wood to the door


PRESS machine

The PRESS machine can compress the wood into the door with the maximum size of 1500 x 3000 mm, can compress 20 sheets at a time and 3 hours for each compression, which is considered a modern machine. Because normally the machine can compress the door no more than 1220 x 2400 mm


Wood cutting machine for making door frames, timber cutting

Wood cutting machine for making door frames Or cut timber. Can cut the wood to the maximum size 300 x 300 mm and can cut the wood to the thinnest 3 mm. Suitable for cutting the door frame And cut the wood to cover  door edge


Automatic wood edge closing machine 

Automatic wood edge closing machine Able to meet the requirements of MASS PRODUCT such as door work, kitchen set Office lockers or wardrobes, this model of machinery It takes 12 meters per minute to close the door edge. Or can close the border straight Without the need to keep the color job, the edge position Because the machine will close and keep the edges clean. Can work quickly. Send customer work on time And the work piece is also have quality


Paint sprayer and spray painting room

Paint sprayers and painting rooms can spray paint without the need for labor. And reduce pollution within the factory Can spray paint evenly without defects because of this model Spray paint with computer control system With the input of the material to be sprayed through the ROLLER into the spraying chamber and the SENSOR will hold the material entered The material that has already been sprayed will be sent through the ROLLER to be stored in a dust-free storage room. To send the work to the next step

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